Improve Tennis serve

Improve Tennis Serve, the tennis serve technique

Amazing how many players lose matches due lack of a power service. Today I am going to give some tips on how to improve your serve in Tennis to a great extent.

Drills to improve your Service

Firstly, at the service line, mark a semi circle in front of the front leg when in a serving position.

And toss as many tennis balls as possible and ensure all fall “within the circle” This is to ensure you learn to toss the ball upwards correctly. Once you master this you can go to the next step.

Now Ensure you rotate your serving arm, right behind your head and neck area. You must try bring your racket right back.

Now release the ball to fall within the circle.

Reach up to strike the ball as you release it right at the Highest point.

Bring you arm down and let it fall behind your back.

If you follow this motion with absolute authority, you can clearly be a winner.

As time goes by, slowly increase your striking power of the tennis ball.

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