Hit backhand tennis-the winning stroke

Hit backhand tennis-

To hit the Back hand in Tennis you need to concentrate a great deal. That does not mean you do not when playing other shots. But it is one of the Most important strokes in Tennis. If, you could master your back hand you are certain to win many matches.

The technique-

Most Forehand players fail because they are unable to master the backhand drive. To begin with you must change your forehand grip to a Backhand grip while turning to your Left.

The Key to a classic, effective back hand stroke is moving sideways  and turning way back to your left while holding the racket. And the the Racket head must be much higher than the grip. It gives more power to your stroke. You must ensure that you turn all the way back and end your racket head right behind you.

Also, while turning ensure your eyes are still on the incoming ball. Now you place your Right foot forward across and balance the body, and drive the oncoming ball cross court or straight. And while driving the ball at the point of contact, your left arm must go right behind your back.

If you do complete the stroke as I advise you here, you are certain to come up with a winner.


A variation of this technique is to hold the racket with both hands while turning all the way back and driving the ball with Top spin. Many Top players hit spinning back hand returns which many find difficult to return. Therefore, the ability to hit top spin back hand greatly increases your chances of success.

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* To illustrate better I have added a video, which would give you a better understanding, right here.

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