Tennis forehand power

Improve Tennis forehand-

In Tennis, its imperative you have a strong Tennis forehand. Tennis forehand drive is the Most sought after stroke in Tennis after a booming serve.

For you to improve on your serve I suggest that you find a wall or a Garage wall that would enable you to practice your forehand for Hours.

Myself developed one of the Most lethal forehands at the young age of 7 by this method. And I broke the garage wall in many places.
I suggest you use this technique for hours to improve your forehand.

Another method, that I recommend is inserting a tennis ball in a sock,and hang it on a rope and hitting it with force as it rebounds towards you. This would help you with the rhythm of your stroke.

Another Trick in the forehand is, the killer stroke, tennis topspin forehand.

To practice this shot, you can slant the Head of the racket towards your body and hit the ball with a circular motion.

Once you master this stroke you would have a lethal weapon to defeat any player.

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3 thoughts on “Tennis forehand power

  1. Hi

    It looks so easy on the video, but it does take time and practice.

    Can you elaborate on the techniques used for getting one of the best forehands, for example, Roger Federer probably had one of the best forehands in world tennis.

    What factors make for a good forehand? How would you strengthen the forearm, any tips?


    1. Hello,

      Please read my post on Forearm drive, you need to follow the instructions given also strengthen your arm. Watch the video in the post.

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