Tennis Drop Shot-the surprise weapon

How to hit drop shot tennis

There are two options to Hitting a perfect Drop shot.

First is while standing within service square, close to the net for a return shot , slant the racket half-way and Chop or hack at the incoming ball. The ball would fall dead at the opposite side of court, closer to the net, with top spin. It would make it very difficult for your opponent to retrieve this ball if he was standing at the baseline, unless of course he is a 100-meter sprint champion.

Secondly, in the same position, in mid court, returning a shot, apply the same method but this time with a “smooth” chop, in slow motion, slicing the ball. By doing this you can ensure the shot would be accurate and a winner most of the time, unlike the sharp, hacking drop shot.

Variations of this stroke could be when playing from the baseline, deliver a hacking drop shot to fall just near the net, while your opponent is playing from the baseline. The important factor is the surprise element in a sudden stroke like this which will bewilder your opponent.


The ideal grip for a drop shop would be the Continental grip. You must quickly change the forehand grip to continental before you execute a volley. The same grip can also be used to Volley and for a drop shot.

Hit deadly drop shots liked Djokovic-

Djokovic hit deadly drop shots at Nadal and many a winner. To do it first you need to make a firm Forehand chopper grip by slightly turning your grip inwards and opening your racket head.

The trick is while receiving a return from your opponent who is standing at the baseline, pretend you are going to drive, instead suddenly stop and deliver a quick hacking chop to land near the net.


It is important to know when you should execute a drop shot. Ideally, it should be hit in a long rally of about minute or two, when your opponent is tired and weak. And your opponent most likely would be surprised and fail to return the shot. If you continue to play this shot throughout the match, the likelihood of you winning the match would increase.

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Here is a video which would illustrate finer points in making a perfect drop shot-




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