Powerful tennis shot , sounds impossible

Execute a Powerful Forehand

Have you ever wondered How you can execute a Powerful Forehand stroke that could mesmerize your opponent.
Firstly, you need to build your strength on your forehand. To do that I suggest using a dumbbell and lift it in reps of ten regularly till you build a strong, muscular fore arm.
Once you feel you that have a strong forearm, its time for you to use it in tennis.

Powerful tennis shot-

Start hitting powerfully and continuously at a wall or at your home garage wall for hours. Practice daily for months using this exercise.Once you realize that you have mastered the stroke, go into the open Tennis court with a partner, and play your power forehand drives.

Cross court forehand

Eventually, I would like to turn you attention to “cross court” forehand strokes. Imagine a target at the Left side of the court, and keep targeting that point relentlessly. Eventually you will be able to play that “cross-court” sharp drives to an imaginary spot.

Power Drive

Now, it is the time to execute the “Power drives” that you have been practicing before hitting the wall. I want you to take it easy at the beginning and start slowly. If not your shots would go astray, erratic.

Slowly, start placing more  power to your cross court drive, using your forearm tennis grip.

The Trick is when your opponent come up to the net with his or her, first serve to send a Killer cross court, forehand drive cross court. This shot is sure to shock him and actually would stun him. Hopefully, he would have no blood pressure problems.

Also, you could use this Powerful tennis shot, when in a “rally” with your opponent, by hitting across court to the deep corner by the base line or across the service square.

Back hand crosscourt

Also, you can use the same technique to surprise your opponent by playing similar Back hand cross court shots.

Variation to this powerful tennis shot is to add “spin” to it. But before you could do that I suggest that you go back to practicing at the wall with some spin included to your strokes. Once you master the spin forehand and back hand strokes, you can use it alternatively.

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