Improve tennis mental game

Improve tennis mental game-

Develop a positive mindset-

You need to have a positive mental attitude if your are to win in Tennis. Ten years ago Barak Obama won the presidential election despite immense odds against him. His slogan was :Yes, your can” He rallied the masses on this simple slogan. He moved peoples hopes on this simple message. So is the motto should be for all tennis players.

When your enter the court to play your next match, go with a “winning attitude” No, ” I can not ” should never be in your mind. Matches are won by positive thinking players. You may be like David facing Goliath. But your should self-confidence knowing if David can do it against such odds, so can your.

One of the most positive players in this century has been Jimmy Connors. So was Sampras,Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe.

One of the best in come backs are Serena Williams. While facing, Victoria Azarenka at 2010 Australian Open, Justine Henin at Miami Open final, and in Djokovic vs Federer US Open 2011. Djokovic came back from 2 sets down. And best of all Roger federer’s comeback in Wimbledon 2012

These players showed again and again, how to come back from the brink of defeat and be the ultimate winner in any situation.

Read books on the subject being positive. Talk to yourself and come with a thousand reasons why your are a better player. Attend church, and pray.

 Inner game Tennis master mental game-

The day before your match, I highly recommend hat your study your opponent. Find videos of his matches. Look for any weaknesses in his game. Imagine and develop a plan of action against his weak strokes. See how your can penetrate and win the match. In his past how he lost matches to others. What caused his defeats.

Go to the court, and practice shots that can penetrate and break your opponents defenses. And also practice your serve and volley. And when approaching the net, come with a positive “snarl” like a lion. That would put your opponent off guard.

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