How to win in tennis-

How to win in tennis

Firstly, you need to study your opponent. For this you have to find videos recorded while he was playing in tournaments. And you can look at all the mistakes he makes. And make plans how to take advantage of them.

Is he weak on the back hand ? Is his serve weak ? Making many double faults. Easily get tired during long rallies. Has a weak volley. Does not approach the net. These are the questions you can think of.

What’s his winning/losing record. More wins or more losses during the last twelve months. Is his strokes stronger or weaker than yours. If so, what can you do to overcome it.
Think of strategy to overcome your own weaknesses.

On the day of the match. Start slowly. Rally first, before going for your shots. See if he is making the same mistakes that you saw on video. Then pounce on them and make winning shots.

If he changes his style and comes “roaring” at you. Change your own game and try to overcome him by changing your game. Try hitting cross court shots, or what ever you’re winning shot is. Play long rallies, and try tire him out.

In the eighties, Ivan Ledl and John Mcenroe beat their opponents by using the serve and volley technique, which is essentially, moving to the after a strong first service. Jimmy Connors, was the opposite. He would stay in the baseline, and that would work only for him as he was a great baseline player.

Nowadays very few players stick to the baseline.


If you find yourself on the losing side, you can try change the game, may be even shock him. Firstly, send him continuous service aces. It would rattle him. Then, try to play long games, as sometimes many sets win tennis.

Suddenly, surprise him with an under arm service. That will surely wake him up. Show variety by sending both service hard.

Try, to jump up and then serve to your opponent. This is another trick i sometimes use, effectively, I played with a strange player, years ago, who would return my ground strokes with “chopping”, under spin drive. This actually drove me nuts, as the ball would rise only two to three inches from the ground, before it would sit dead at the point of contact.


To win in tennis, first you must study his video tapes and study his game. Then in the match, surprise your opponent, Try different tactics.if everything fails, just Pray. And hope for the best.

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