Hit tennis forehand-Top Spin

Hit tennis forehand-Top Spin

To hit Top spin, you must angle the racket head forward and then strike the ball outwardly on the bounce. This can be done when you hit tennis back hand stroke as well.

To play cross court forehand, one must be in the no mans land when you execute this stroke. By doing that you have the option to either hit cross court or deep down the line for a winner.

Before you move to hit the on coming ball you must prepare beforehand. You would first bring your forehand right back, with feet wide apart, keeping the eye on the ball, change grip to a semi-western, and move towards your ball while simultaneously moving your left foot towards the ball.At the point of impact you would drive the ball towards either right across court towards the baseline or you could drive it down the line.

Shot selection-

Whatever shot you use, it is going to make your opponent struggle in returning it. The more spin you apply and accurate your shot, more difficult it is going to be  for him.

Keep two empty tennis ball cans on either corners of at the baseline of the court, and start practicing targeting the corners. You must aim for the ball to fall within two feet of the can. Once you gain accuracy you will be able to easily apply this shot at your will. Once you master it, you can move on to hitting the cross court short much sharper by aiming to hit the cross court shot sharply across the service court.

** That would be a winner all the way. With a shot like that you will not allow your opponent to reach the ball at all.

**** If you have any questions or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

To get a better understanding, watch the video below-

**** If you have any questions or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.

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